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  • How To Build An Email List & Create Successful Email Marketing Campaigns


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    Email marketing for businesses isn’t a new concept. In fact,
    compared to other online marketing channels like social media,
    mobile device applications, and even search engines, email
    marketing might seem a bit outdated.
    A lot has been happening over the past few years with email
    marketing, and the discipline is still always in motion. Altered
    behaviors and expectations by consumers call for new email
    marketing methods. Approaches like personalization and
    segmentation are transforming company newsletters from
    anonymous bulk emails into customized emails.
    Today, most consumers read their emails on their mobile devices,
    and checking for emails has become the most common activity
    carried out by smartphone users. The competition for attention in
    consumers email inboxes is forcing more companies to attach
    increasing importance to well-designed emails which are
    personalized and have relevant content, ensuring that the emails
    will be opened and read.
    Statistics show that email marketing has a broad reach, as well as
    being one of the best marketing tactics for return on investment.
    Just about everyone has an email address these days, and the
    majority of users prefer to receive advertising messages that way.
    Plus, with smartphones, emails are always right in the pocket of
    consumers and can be retrieved at any time. According to recent
    estimates, the importance of email marketing will continue to grow
    over the next few years. It’s clear that any online marketing
    strategy your company employs should include email marketing
    Email marketing requires more than just sending out the
    occasional newsletter. Today, marketers also need to set up and
    maintain subscriber lists, create and design relevant emails, and
    send these out systematically.
    For your email marketing strategy to be effective and successful,
    it is imperative that you utilize the technical options available
    continuously optimize the process through the use of modern analytical tools.
    Despite the widespread use of the digital juggernaut that is email,
    many entrepreneurs have yet to implement an effective email
    marketing strategy for their business because they don't know
    how to do it or haven't yet recognized how powerful it can be.
    Email continues to serve as the core communication platform of
    the Internet and will only continue to grow. Currently, more than
    3.7 billion people have access to email, and more than 3 billion
    non-spam emails are sent and received every hour of every day.
    If your business isn’t already taking advantage of this powerful
    and massive marketing channel, you're missing out on an
    effective way to reach your target audience


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