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    Loose Pro-Made Mega Volume Fans 11D-14D


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    Giáli Lashes premium loose pro-made fans (11D-14D) are EVERYTHING you have been wanting.

    Our eco friendly cardboard boxes comes with a fabulous pull out tray unlike other brands with either a plastic tray or magnetic flip boxes, that you can easily spill and waste your lashes. Our pull out box allows you to securely hold your beautifully fanned pro-mades safely in. These are perfect for any lash artist wanting to add more lashes faster, without compromising quality or aesthetics.

    Giáli Lashes loose pro-made fans have taken all of the hard work of making your own fans for you. Each fan is 100% hand made using premium quality Korean PBT mink to mimic faux mink lashes, giving you that soft fluffy look that is cruelty free and vegan friendly.

    These wide fluffy fans will save you time during your application and will give you that glam look in no time;

    Giáli Lashes loose pro-mades are ultra soft, lightweight, with a wide fan to give that dark fluffy look and narrow bases to ensure awesome attachment. Please note that as these fans are hand made by our talented staff, they will not be identical as premades are. There may be slight variations and imperfections as they are hand made.

    It is recommended that you used a reusable silicone lash pad to arrange your lashes for quick pick up. Try to only place the base of the fan on the silicone pad. These lashes are fragile so if you get the ends of the lash stuck it may break when you try to take it off.
    Alternatively, you can use some pe tape or coloured paper tape on your lash tile.(roll the tape to make it double sided).

    1 box contains approximately 500 or 1000 loose pro-made fans
    Each box contains a mixture of 11D-14D fans.
    D curl

    Lengths 8-16mm

    Giali Lashes are proudly cruelty free & vegan friendly

    Other features;
    Ultra Dark Black fans
    Mega Volume
    Korean PBT

    Additional information


    8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm


    500 FANS, 1000 FANS


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