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    Giáli Lashes Pro Adhesive – Professional Eyelash Extension Glue 5ml

    (26 customer reviews)


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    Our must have glue!
    Same glue, new look bottle.
    6-8 weeks retention

    In stock

    SKU: GL60 Categories: ,


    Giali lashes professional eyelash extension glue is a must for any salon. If you are looking to keep and increase your clientele then this is the glue for you. Giali lashes is famous for their long lasting lashes and now you can create beautiful luscious lashes that will actually last. You will never look back after you have tried this amazing glue.

    Material Safety Data Sheet

    Caution: Use in a well ventilated area, wear a protective mask and do not let glue come in contact with skin or natural fibres

    Humidity: 40-60%

    Temperature: 18-25 degrees Celsius optimal range 22-24 degrees Celsius

    Retentions: 6-8+ weeks

    Drying time: 1-2 seconds

    Colour: Black



    Ethyl cyanoacrylate, PMMA, Hydroquinone, Carbone black


    Made in Korea

    Additional information

    Weight0.021 kg

    26 reviews for Giáli Lashes Pro Adhesive – Professional Eyelash Extension Glue 5ml

    1. brianna (verified owner)

      LOVE this glue, just bought it and the hype is true!! amazing retention


      This glue is everything it promises to deliver

    3. Lashes by RR (verified owner)

      Retention is amazing up to 5-6 weeks.

    4. Chloe Ackerman

      Best glue ever definitely recommend!!

    5. Charley

      Amazing for rentention

    6. Vanessa

      Heard plenty of great things about this glue, finally trying it has got to be the best decision ever! Love it.

    7. Samantha

      The retention of this glue is absolutely amazing and lives up to the hype!!

    8. Penny

      The best glue you will ever use!!

    9. Eunice Sanchez (verified owner)

      best glue i have ever tried!!! retention is good my clients come back every four to six weeks it’s unbelievable!!! GAME CHANGER

    10. Asia H (verified owner)

      I love love love this glue! 5ml lasts me well and for me my humidity is constantly going from as low as 38% to as high as 65% and with temps as low as 14 degrees Celsius in winter my glue never fails me! Will defs be ordering again! Thanks Giali

    11. Emma Nanfaro

      The best glue I’ve ever used the retention on my girls lashes blows my mind I will continue to use this forever!!!!!!!!

    12. Maggie

      Loved it! Borrowed from a friend. Definitely will consider buying on my own. Worked well with my lashes and works fine for sensitive eyes.

    13. Jess

      Best glue to use especially in high humdity. Flawless

    14. Hannah Nguyen

      OMG THIS GLUE IS AMAZING!! I’m not a brand ambassador just a customer who has repurchased this because it’s so freaking good!! It has amazing retention, doesn’t irritate my clients eyes (never had a client with red eyes) and works so well with my humidity and temp!! If you’re looking at reviews to see if you should buy this, GIRL BUY IT and you won’t look back after 😍

    15. Jessica palacios

      Love love ! Not sure which one I love more this one or the black bottle pro rapid but they’re so good!

    16. gloria ni (verified owner)

      This glue is amazing ! Gave super long retention I love mixing this glue with the rapid one, even the small bottle lasts me so long

    17. Cass

      This glue has honestly made me a better lash artist. My retention is so much longer than ever before!

    18. Khia Williams @mbklashes

      Heard great things about this glue! Saw greater things happen with this glue lol . IT IS a mUst have!!!! Trust me

    19. Lilly stern @lashedbylilly (verified owner)

      This glue is hands down my favourite glue I have ever tried, it has such great retention and is so easy to work with. I love it!

    20. Chloe Ackerman (verified owner)

      Best glue iv used!! Changed my retention game
      110% would recommend😍😍

    21. Shannon

      AMAZING! The quality of this product is great. Will buy again

    22. Jacinta Ellwood (verified owner)

      After umming and ahhing for months, I regret not trying this sooner! It lives up to all the hype!! Highly recommend. ✨💕

    23. Lena (verified owner)

      This glue is amazing!! Retention is so far the best I ever tried. After 3 weeks, my customers lashes still look like full set. Every lash tech should just get this glue and don’t look any further. The money paid is worth every cents! I’m really so glad to get the glue very fast on hand to Singapore via DHL express.

    24. talliah downie (verified owner)

      Never had better retention, clients are always coming back with more than half their lashes still on at 3 weeks +

    25. Lisa (verified owner)

      This glue has literally changed my life! I had been going through some obstacles with retention prior to trying this glue and I can’t believe how much better my retention is! I will only be using this glue from now on, I’m so happy I found it ❤️

    26. Adriana Tannous

      This glue literally changed my lashing game ! every time I choose a glue it wasn’t working for me or giving me the retention I was after. The GIALI lash glue is amazing! giving me 7 weeks + retention !

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