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Create Ultra-dramatic Lash Look with Mega Volume Lashes - A Guide to Lash Artists

Have you ever heard of mega lashes? Well, for every lash artist, mostly the answer is yes.

Mega lashes are the secret to creating insanely full, dramatic lash looks that lash lovers go crazy for.

In the past, regular volume lash extensions were the way to go for fuller lashes. And, these use a minimum 0.07mm lash diameter that gives the perfect dark, defined lash line.

Q & A Meg Volume Lashes

However, the scenario has changed in recent times! All thanks to mega volume lashes. These amazing volume lash extensions can help your clients achieve even thicker, more beautiful lash looks than regular volume extensions. for ultra-dramatic eyelash styles - mega volume lashes are the best to go with.

So, What are Mega Volume Lashes?

Mega volume lashes are an advanced technique that creates full, dense lash looks. Each mega-volume fan uses anywhere from 6 to 16 ultra-fine extensions and here the diameters range from just 0.03mm to 0.05mm.

What is the Difference between Mega Volume and Regular Volume?

See, mega volume and regular volume lashes are similar, but with one key difference in how the fans are made.

If we talk about regular volume, you use 0.07mm lashes to create fans with up to 5 extensions per fan.

But for mega volume, you use those super skinny 0.05mm and 0.03mm lashes to pack way more extensions into each fan, like up to 16 extensions per fan. That's right!

Difference Between Mega and Regular Volume Lashes

With mega volume, you can attach up to 16 teeny tiny lashes onto a single natural lash. You see mega fullness!

Are Mega Volume Lashes Safe for Clients?

As a lash artist, you may wonder whether those extra lashes are safe for your clients! Don't worry, mega volume is totally safe as long as it's applied properly by a trained lash artist. Just like with any lash extensions, here you need to follow the right aftercare too.

How Long Do These Mega Volume Lashes Last?

Mega volume lashes can last 3 to 5 weeks before needing a refill. They actually tend to have better retention than classic lashes. Why? Because there is more surface area for the adhesive to grip onto for mega volumes.

So mega volume = mega fullness and mega longevity.

How To Apply Mega Volume Lashes?

Isolation Matters - Proper isolation is a must for mega volume lashes. If lashes are not isolated correctly, the extensions and natural lashes will stick together. This causes pain for clients and ruins their natural lashes. Improper isolation also makes the lash set look bad. So, you need to take care of it.

Use the Right Adhesive Amount - For any lash set (classic, regular volume, or mega volume), use the correct adhesive amount. Too much adhesive adds excessive weight that can cause the lashes to stick together. Remember- extra weight also leads to lash breakage and poor retention.

Mind the Fan Weight - Don't make the extension fan too heavy. A heavy fan causes lashes to break, droop and have poor retention. When it’s about mega volume, you need to calculate the right number of extensions for the fan weight based on the lash diameters used.

Create Symmetrical Fans - Making symmetrical, evenly-spaced fans is key for mega volume. Symmetrical fans look beautiful and they ensure an even weight distribution for better retention and lash health. So, you should use ultra-thin 0.05 and 0.03 lash extensions to create perfect symmetrical fans 

Bottom Line

So, are you excited about these mega volume lashes? Wondering where to order these amazing volume lash extensions? GIALI Lashes has you covered!

We're your one-stop shop for pre-made fans, Russian lashes, classic volume extensions, mega volume extensions, tweezers, and all other lash accessories.

For mega volume, we've got two amazing options:

Giáli Lashes 8D Handmade Loose Pro-Made Mega Volume Fans 0.05

Giáli Lashes 10D Handmade Loose Pro-Made Mega Volume Fans 0.03

These mega fans come in 500 or 1000-piece packs to choose from. Each fan is carefully handmade using premium Korean PBT synthetic mink fibers. That means ultra-lightweight, fluttery fullness without any animal cruelty. 100% vegan-friendly!

Get your mega volume lash supplies from GIALI Lashes for beautiful, cruelty-free results every time. Visit our website and place an order today

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