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This 2-day eyelash extension course will teach you everything you need to know about classic and premade volume eyelash extension applications. Each class will be a small intimate group of up to 4 students. This package includes a detailed 100+ page...
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Online Classic, Hybrid, Premade Volume Eyelash Extension Course (with BONUS Social Media Tips & FREE Kit*)
I know you will love our online course, as it has been carefully constructed over the past two years to ensure you get the most out of this online training. There is no other training out there like this. We...
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Online Classic Eyelash Extension Course (with BONUS Social Media Tips & FREE Kit*)
I know you will love our online course, as it has been carefully constructed over the past two years to ensure you get the most out of this online training. There is no other training out there like this. We...
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This 3 day private 1:1 eyelash extension course will teach you everything you need to know about classic and premade volume eyelash extension application. Day 1 - Classic & hybrid lash application. Day 2 - Pre-made volume and wispy lash application....
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This one-day eyelash extension course is for students who have already purchased any of our online lash course and want to do their assessment in person. Doing this in person assessment will mean you will not have to submit the case...
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This one-day eyelash extension course will teach you everything you need to know about classic eyelash extension application. Each class will be a small intimate group of up to 4 students. This package includes a detailed 100+ page manual and an...
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Do you want the founder of Giali Lashes Amanda to come out and see your salon and train your staff and give them all the tips and tricks they need to boost your salon’s reputation and improve clientele. This 1...


Hi and Welcome to the home of giáli lashes.

My name is Amanda D’andrea, I am the owner and founder of Giáli Lashes.

I began my incredible lash career over a decade ago and it has drastically changed my life, and I am so grateful that I took a leap of faith to complete an online eyelash extension course.

A decade later, I am now a:

  • - Certified International Lash Masters Educator
  • - Internationally Renowned Lash Artist
  • - International Lash Judge
  • - Premium Eyelash Extension Supplier who is fortunate enough to ship my brand named after my two daughters all over the world.

From one small idea all those years ago to now owning a lash empire.

This could be you too, and I want this to be you.

Australia’s Best Eyelash Extension Training Online

If you're looking for a new career that'll have you feeling like a million dollars, professional eyelash extension training is the way to go. With these in-demand skills, you can work at a salon, spa, or even start your own business.

Giali Lashes offers comprehensive eyelash extension training courses that teach you everything you need to know to get started in this exciting field. The course includes both theory and practical components, so you'll be fully prepared to start offering your services to clients.

Not only is eyelash extension training a great way to earn a living, but it's also lots of fun! You get to meet new people and help them feel their best. What could be better than that?

If you're interested in exploring this career option, we have two eyelash extension training course options to choose from:

Classic, Premade Volume Eyelash Extension Course

An International Lash Masters-certified course, Giali Lashes eyelash extension course provides a complete guide, covering how to set up your own business, maintain health and safety, build a steady stream of clients, and perfect your lashing techniques.

You'll also get a free professional starter kit with everything you need to kick off. This course is the best eyelash extension training available in the market today and will equip you with all the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful lash artist.

The course includes:

  • 30+ detailed, professional tutorials created by industry experts
  • Highly detailed 100+ page e-book and bonus PDF’s
  • Lifetime discount of 20% off Giali products
  • Ongoing support and mentoring
  • Certification upon completion
  • And more…

Not only is this lash extension course more convenient than traditional face to face in person training, but it's also more affordable. Giali Lashes eyelash extension course online will save on expensive travel and accommodation costs plus, once you’re certified, you can start your lash business straight away and start earning money fast. 

Online Classic Lash Extension Course

Imagine being able to start a lucrative and exciting new career without even having to leave your house.

  • No more restricting yourself to a 9 to 5 job.
  • No more sacrificing quality time with your family and friends.
  • And, no more financial stress.

With Giali Lashes' Classic eyelash extension online course, you can learn everything you need to know about becoming a successful lash artist from the comfort of your own home. Here's what you get:

  • Detailed video tutorials that cover everything from the basics of lash application to more advanced techniques.
  • A comprehensive over 100 page ebook covering all aspects of setting up and running a successful lash business.
  • Ongoing support so you can ask questions and get feedback as you progress through this online lash course.
  • 20% off Giali products for life, so you have the supplies you need to get started.

You’ll have the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss in a rapidly growing industry. Get started today and join the thousands of happy students who are already on their way to building a successful business in the lash industry. Click here to sign up now.


Giáli Lashes has the right platform to help you start a successful eyelash extensions career and help improve and grow your existing business and social media accounts.

I want nothing but the best for my students. I want you to excel and be successful. When you are successful, so are we. Giáli Lashes will help you grow your business and give you all the support you need to the best of our ability.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that you have come across my online lash extension course, there are no accidents in life, perhaps this was your sign?

A sign you need to make a change!

Student Wins






Face it, everyone wants more time doing things they love and spending more time with family and friends while still being able to potentially bring in six figures.

If you answered yes to any of these, then our online lash extension training courses are the solution you have been looking for.

Learning all you need to know; how to apply eyelash extensions, how to start or improve an existing professional eyelash business from the comfort of your very own home, at your own pace, with no time limits. Simply by watching our detailed step-by-step video tutorials and reading our 100-page eBook written by Amanda herself.

I know you will absolutely love our online eyelash extension training course, as it has been carefully constructed over the past two years to ensure you get the most out of this online training certification.

There is no other training out there like this.

We dive into not only how to set up a business, health and safety, lash application, how to obtain and retain clients, lash styling, ways to boost your income and tax advice.

This online course is perfect for…

Beginners just starting out and know absolutely nothing about eyelash extension (do not worry we have you completely covered).

Intermediate artists who need a little extra help with retention, taking photos, learning how to edit and boost their income (let me help you be the best you can be)

Advanced lash artists who are wanting to take their lash game to the next level by brushing up on some fresh new tips and skills, learning how Giáli Lashes took her following to 60k in only 2 years of being on Instagram.

We also teach you how to create Instagram worthy content, which is a major part of growing your business these days. Other online courses claim to teach you how to create beautiful images to promote your work, but they only show you the basics. We teach you how to create content that can go viral. With Amanda’s experience and results, you can be sure this is the best training available.

Giáli Lashes is proof of this as Amanda has had many of her posts go viral and most recently having Huda Beauty repost one of her lash videos. Giáli Lashes techniques and methods work, you will not be disappointed.

Once you have join the Giáli lashes family you will receive:

  • - Lifetime access to our online course which includes 20+ video tutorials with new video tutorials being regularly added to keep content up to date and current.
  • - 100 page Giáli lashes eBook– the complete guide to business, classic and premade volume lash application and social media advice.
  • - Lifetime discount of 20% off all Giáli lashes products
  • - On going support
  • - Bonus free eBooks 51 ways to boost income using Instagram (free)
  • - Exclusive access to Giáli lashes student support Facebook group
  • - Certificate of completion to proudly display in your very own salon.
  • - 10+ Free pdf print outs




Note: Please be 100% committed before purchasing Giáli Lashes Online Course, as there will be no refunds under any circumstances for a change of mind as you will have full access to course content.

The content displayed on this website is the intellectual property of Giáli Lashes Pty Ltd. All material published within this online course is intended for individual use and educational purpose only. Group usage is not permitted. You are not to reuse, resell, reprint or replicate material within this course without our written consent.


How many years of experience does amanda have as a lash artist?

Amanda has over 11 years of lash artistry experience. She is passionate about all things lash and wants her students to succeed. She is a certified International Lash Masters Educator and lash judge and has also been a lash supplier for almost three years.

Do i need any beauty qualifications or lash extension experience to do giali lashes courses?

Our lash extension courses do not require any previous qualifications or experience in lash extensions for you to start your lash training. At the end of your lash training course with Giali Lashes, you will be a fully qualified Eyelash Extension Technician. You could be qualified to apply lash extensions within just 1-3 days. Our courses break down each key component and thoroughly explain each topic. We recommend that you practice at home in your own time for as long as possible until you are confident to take on clients.

Should I complete a classic lash course even though i do not want to offer classic lashes to my clients?

To complete a lash course in volume lash extensions, we recommend completing a Classic lash extension course firsthand or already having a Classic Lash Extension Certificate. A classic lash course gives you the basics and foundations of lash extensions. The volume course is more advanced and requires techniques you would have learnt in a classic lash course.

Is there anything I should not do before doing an in person lash course?

Yes, do not drink any beverages that contain caffeine. Drinks like red bull, V and coffee can make your hands very shaky and make it hard for you to apply lashes.

Is there anything my models should not do before coming in to be a model?

Yes, they should not get a lash lift or have had a lash lift at least  8 weeks prior to being a model. They should also not wear make up and moisturiser under their eye area before coming in to be a model. They should not wear contact lenses to their training and they should not be pregnant, have a back injury and must be ableto lay down for a minimum of 3 hours.

How long will my models need to be at the training for?

Your models will be required for a minimum of 3.5 hours. Please ensure that they are able to lay down on their back for this long period of time.

Can anyone be my model?

Yes, anyone can be your model, they can be male or female. We just ask that they don’t have any eye conditions, are not pregnant, they do not wear contact lenses, must not have any back injuries and not suffer from anxiety. 

How many video tutorials are there?

Unlike other lash academies, we have had 95% of our videos professionally filmed by the talented Ellena Louise Films, who has also worked for (Mollini, Diana Ferrari and Prene Bags, to name a few), which will allow you to see what is being done in each video in  detail. There are over 25 video tutorials, and videos will be added at no extra cost to you if and when we film more educational content.

Will I get a certificate with the online course?

Once you have completed our online course, your certificate will be emailed when doing our online lash course. In private 1:1 training and group training, the certificate will be framed and issued to you on the day of completion if the student has shown they are competent. Certificates will also feature the International Lash Masters logo of accreditation.

Will I get a certificate with the 2-day group training course?

YES! On day 2 once you have completed all the practical assessments during the 2-day training we will issue you a beautifully framed certificate. You will need to pass an online quiz that consists of multiple-choice questions also.

Can I do the course from anywhere?

Yes, our online course can be done from anywhere in the world. We have students worldwide currently completing our online lash course. With in-person group training, you will be given access to this course for free to help you practice and perfect your skill in your own time.  You can study from the comfort of your home, and at your own pace on any device you wish.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the course?

We are sure you will love it, but if the answer is no, Giali Lashes Pty Ltd will not refund any course purchased on our website, as all course information can be printed and used after assessing the course.

How long will it take to complete?

Unlike other lash academies, we offer lifetime access to our online course. We understand that different lifestyles and circumstances need more time to complete courses and complete them successfully without pressure to finish by a deadline. You can complete our online course from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace, working around family, kids, school, university, you name it.

Will I get a kit with my course?

We offer complimentary kits with our courses, with the option for you to upgrade to more professional kits. Always go by what is written in the description and not what is shown in the images to know what will be in your kit.

Do I get ongoing support and is there a support group?

Ongoing support is free of charge and everyone is given this, you will be able to contact Amanda anytime. she gives you her number and is reachable all the time for you to ask any questions. She will help you with all your lash and business-related queries. The link to the Facebook student support group is listed within the manual you will receive.

Are in-person courses better than online ones? Which do you recommend?

All of our courses have been created to give you the best results and achieve the same outcome; however, everyone learns differently; some prefer a hands-on approach and others like to learn independently and observe. It comes down to your preferred method of learning and budget.

Do students get any discounts on giali products?

Yes, they do. All students receive a unique discount code that they can use to review 20% off for life on products and exclusive offers every time.

How many lash sets do i need to complete to get my certification?

Students who attend a class in person will receive their certificate on the day once completing a set on a mannequin and a model. Your sets must be at a high standard and achieve at least 80% coverage of the natural lashes for in-person training. Online lash course students must complete 6 case studies and submit video evidence of their lash application. We expect 90% of natural lashes to be covered in these case study submissions.

I have purchased the online lash course, can i do the assessment in person?

Online lash students may purchase in-person assessments for an additional fee, and they will receive their certificate on the day; they will be required to complete two full sets of two models in one day. They will no longer need to submit 6 case studies.

Can I pay off the course in instalments or on a plan?

Giali Lashes currently offers Afterpay&Zippay on all lash courses, classes, training and lash supplies. You can contact us if you need to make split payments mixed with transfers and Afterpay or zip-pay.

How old do you need to be to enrol?

We don’t have an age restriction. There are no legal requirements for lash artists to be a specific age. We do require students under the age of 18 to have parental consent to enrol. After certification, you will be able to work for someone. However, you won't be able to register a business until 18.

How quickly can I complete the online lash course?

We have had students complete it successfully in 3 months.

How long does it take to complete the 2-day group eyelash extension training course?

This course is designed to get all the practical assessments done in person and all theory at home in your own time. You will get your certificate in 2 days.

What is the cost of an eyelash extension course?

Our course starts from $585-$3900. We have courses to suit everyone’s budget, skill set, lifestyle and available time. You should be able to make the money to cover the cost of your course after completing 10 clients. 

Who can enrol in an eyelash extension course?

Anyone can enrol in an eyelash extension course. If you are under 18 you will need written consent from a parent or guardian.

What will I learn in an eyelash extension course?

Our courses as so in-depth and detailed that not only will you learn all there is to know about  how to safely and successfully apply eyelash extensions but also how to run a successful business. You will get ample practice time on mannequins to ensure you feel confident before moving on to a real person. We give you the skill you need and support you with constant guidance to make sure you are doing everything correctly.

Do I need to bring my lash training kit in with me to my in-person group lash extension training?

No, you do not, unlike other companies, we don’t make you use your kit for in-house training. We will provide everything you need on the day of your training so you don’t have to waste your products. The lash supplies we give you is for you to practice with and use at home.

Can I do an eyelash extension course online?

Yes, anyone can do an online eyelash extension course even if you have already completed other lash training. It is recommended that at least once a year you take a new training with another lash academy to ensure you are constantly learning and evolving.

Do I need any prior lash experience to take an eyelash extension course?

No, you do not need any experience. We welcome all skill levels as we give you all the guidance you need to get started or improve your current skills if you are already an experienced lash artist.

Do I need to have any beauty qualifications to do the gialilashes  eyeash extension course?

No, you do not need any beauty qualifications.

What are the different types of eyelash extension courses available?

We offer classic lash courses and classic and volume lash courses. We recommend that you select a course that contains both types of lash training as this will save you money in the long run as you won’t need to buy another course to complete volume training at a later date. You always start with classic lash training first. We also offer online, group And private 1:1 lash training.

Can I practice on live models during the eyelash extension course?

Yes, we ask that you bring in 1 model who can attend both days of the training.

Will I receive ongoing support after college the giali lashes eyelash extension course?

Yes, you will receive ongoing lifetime support. Amanda gives her students her phone number so she is contactable anytime. You will also have access to the student support group on Facebook.

What is the cancellation policy for the eyelash extension course?

You are not able to cancel your lash course once you have received the kit and or the online component of the course.

Will the course cover hybrid lashes?

Yes, we cover hybrid eyelash extensions in this course. We constantly update the content and ebook on the course and hybrid lashes is the newest addition.

What are the job opportunities after completing an eyelash extension course?

Most lash artists choose to work for themselves and set their hours and set their prices. Most choose to work from the comfort of their own home or they can rent out a space in an existing salon. You will also be able to apply for lash artist positions at salons once you have completed our course.

Is there an expiration date once i purchase a course from giali lashes?

No, your course will not expire, we give you lifetime access.

How much money do eyelash technicians make in Australia?

They can make anywhere up to AUD 4,000 per week. Most lash artists are capable of earning six figures in a financial year.

Do giali lashes eyelash courses come with a lash kit?

Yes, we offer complimentary kits with all our training and give you the option to upgrade your complimentary kit for an additional fee.

I have food allergies what should i do?

If you have any food allergies please inform us straight away as we do offer morning tea and a light lunch, if you do have any food allergies you will need to be responsible for bringing your own food to the trainings. We will do our best to make sure the training environment is a safe space for you.

What modules and topics are covered in the online, group and private 1:1 eyelash extension course?

Modules and topics covered in our Classic & Volume eyelash extension courses include; lash diameters, lash volumes, classic lashes, hybrid lashes, volume lashes, what you will need, presentation and cleanliness, children in the work room, pets in the work room, expectations of a lash artist. first aid, infectious diseases, allergic reactions, stages of lash growth, the lash cycle, lash removal, tweezers, time allocation, how to wash lashes, priming the eye, eye health, resolving retention issues, patch tests, eye styling, lash maps, calculating lash weights, the PI formula, easy fan lashes, setting prices, anatomy of the eye, troubleshooting glue, glue dipping, how to attach lashes, eye mapping, eye shapes,long stem lashes, short stem lashes, lash curls, setting prices, setting you your business, upselling, maximising your income, health and safety, how to wash your hands, booking schedules, how to take deposits, keeping records, must have apps, how to edit photos, how to remove gloves, what masks to use and dealing with difficult customers.

This 2-day eyelash extension course will teach you everything you need to know about classic and pre-made volume eyelash extension applications. Each class will be a small intimate group of up to 4 students. This package includes a detailed 100+ page manual and an eyelash extension kit for you to practice and use on approximately 15-20 clients. We will show you how to build your social media; Amanda has grown her Instagram to a following of over 80k and will tell you how she did it. You will also learn how to edit your images to showcase your work in a professional manner. This course has everything you need to know to start, grow and maintain a successful eyelash extension business.

Classes are held at our Epping headquarters. Classic and volume training will be held on two separate days, each running for approximately 7 hours. You will also get access to our online lash course to refer back to when practising at home. No other lash academy offers in-person training along with bonus videos to refer to. You will also receive 20% off Giali Lashes products for life to help you keep the costs of your business down. On-going support, access to our exclusive student support group and bonus pdfs and printouts.

This is perfect if you are a hands-on learner and want to get certified fast.

Each student, if successful, will receive on the day a framed certificate if they have shown they are competent in lash application on their mannequin and live model. Your model will need to be able to be present for 2-3 hours. Must not be pregnant, have lash lifts, wear contact lenses on the day and must be able to lay on their back for up to 3 hours.

Your kit is valued at over $1000 and will include the following*

Professional kit, RRP $1088.34. You receive FREE!

  • 1 x mannequin head
  • 5 x practice lash strips (25 pairs in total)
  • 1 x pro rapid glue 3ml
  • 1 x pro adhesive 3ml
  • 2 x lash tiles
  • 4 x different Vetus rainbow tweezers
  • 1 x rainbow scissors
  • 1 × 50-pack mascara wands
  • 1 × 50-pack lip wands
  • 1 x pack of mixed glue rings & accessories
  • 3 x 3D volume lash trays
  • 3 × 5D volume lash trays
  • 2 x wispy volume lash trays
  • 3 x classic tray
  • 3 x flat classic tray
  • 50 x hydrogel eye pads
  • 1 x tape
  • 1 x tweezer cleanser
  • 1 x lash bath
  • 1 × micro wands
  • 1 × 100 foil glue stickers
  • 1 x gel remover
  • 1 x 5ml primer
  • 1 x 5ml super bonder

*Kits are subject to change depending on the availability of stock on hand. If a product is out of stock will will substitute with the closest available product.

Some topics covered in your manual include;

  • Anatomy of the eye
  • presentation
  • posture
  • children in the workspace
  • first aid
  • disinfection methods
  • infection control
  • the correct hand-washing procedure
  • safety gloves and types of masks
  • Infectious diseases
  • eye conditions
  • infections, bacteria and viruses
  • lash cleansing
  • cleaning lash tiles
  • allergic reactions
  • pregnancy
  • stages of lash growth
  • lash cycle
  • tips for perfect lashes
  • adhesive tips
  • lash placement
  • placement and attachment
  • tweezers
  • eye exercises
  • time allocation
  • financial advice
  • boosting income
  • adhesive working conditions
  • how to dispense and dispose of adhesive safely
  • adhesive specifications
  • adhesive tips and tricks
  • anti-allergy gel
  • patch tests
  • troublesome eyes
  • resolving retention issues
  • what causes poor retention
  • lash removal
  • eye shapes
  • eye styling
  • lash maps
  • Lash curls
  • when to use which curls
  • long stem lashes
  • short stem lashes
  • classic lashes
  • hybrid lashes
  • wispy lashes
  • calculating the PI method
  • diameters
  • setting prices and how to upsell
  • pricing examples
  • boosting income
  • potential income ideas
  • record-keeping
  • deposits and cancellations
  • booking schedules
  • obtaining and maintaining clientele
  • dealing with difficult customers
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