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Ditch the Mascara: A Beginner’s Guide to Eyelash Extensions (Style and Maintenance Tips!)

Are you a newbie in the world of lash extensions? Well, it is the most popular career option now in Australia, as almost every Aussie woman is getting eyelash extensions to create a classic look, ditching mascara nowadays. After all, who else loves to walk with a mascara kiss?

However, as a beginner, you hardly know the best ways to style and maintain lash fans. In today’s blog, we have shared some pro tips on styles and proper maintenance to last them longer so you can give your clients the most out of classic eyelash extensions. Let’s get started.

Eyelash Extension Guide

Pro Tips on Classic Eyelash Extensions: Styles and Maintenance

Starting your career as a lash artist can be interesting. However, it is important to be clear about the trendiest lash extension styles and how to maintain them to retain their lustre and make them last longer. Let’s begin with eyelash extension styling!

Classic Eyelash Extension Styles

In Australia, eyelash extensions are trending rapidly to ditch the hassle of applying mascara on the go. Depending on the look one desires, lash fan styles differ. Here are some of the trendiest ones:

Easy Lash Fans

Easy fan lashes are the best choice for those seeking a more natural look to their eyes without waiting hours at the lash salon. For such clients, you can pick easy fanning volume lash trays. Easy lash fans come with glue at the bottom, allowing easy lash application with precision in less than half the time. It is perfect for beginners!

Flat Classic Lashes

You should go for flat classic lash fans for those clients who want a mascara look but possess fewer natural lashes. Its wider base allows a voluminous and bold look that stands out, maintaining a natural appearance. Also, flat lash fans offer a semi-gloss finish and a touch of glamour.

Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extension

Long Stem Premade Volume Fans Lashes

These volume lash fans add luscious volume to natural lashes to create a standout look. You can give your clients the ultimate volume look in less time, making them perfect for lash artists just starting in the industry.

How to Take Care of Eyelash Extensions: Maintenance Tips

When offering lash extensions to your clients, you should always advise taking care of their lash fans so they can stand the test of time. Here are some necessary steps to follow to make the eyelash extensions look perfect for longer:

  • One should clean her eyelashes daily to ensure no dirt, oil or makeup sticks to the fans. For the best results, recommend lash shampoo designed for lash extensions instead of regular cleansers to avoid damage to the fans.
  • Brush the lash extensions with a lash comb twice a day to keep the lashes looking clean.
  • Oil can damage the adhesive bonds used in the lash extensions and reduce their lifespan. It’s best to avoid cosmetics and removers that contain oil to protect your lash fans from unnecessary damage.
  • Make sure you suggest that your clients do not sleep on their faces. It can cause tangled lashes that may pull on natural lashes. Sleeping on their backs can make the lash extension last longer.

In Conclusion

So, what do you say? Is this guide helpful? Let us know.

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