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Eyelash Extension Aftercare: 9 Tips to Make Lashes Last Longer

We're all dreaming of having long, fluttery lashes that take us from zero to Bella Hadid. With the right eyelash extension aftercare, you're one step closer to achieving that flawless look.
Unlike natural lashes, lash extensions give off a well-maintained appearance. Now, we're not saying that you should ditch that natural lash look.
Instead, we're all about elevating it and saving you precious time in the process. Nowadays, no one wants to wake up 10 minutes earlier to use eyelash curlers and put on waterproof mascara, right?
So, if you're team 'eyelash extensions' too, we'll go through everything you need to know about eyelash extension aftercare. We're also giving away 9 essential tips to make them last longer.
So, grab your favorite beverage, get comfy, and let's dive into the secrets of achieving beautiful lashes.

Eyelash Extensions 101: What Are Lash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions are synthetic fibers or natural hair, applied one by one to your natural lashes. They enhance length, volume, and curl.
Lash artists carefully glue each last extension to your natural lashes, giving you a simple or dramatic look, depending on your preferences.
What makes lash extensions superior to other products, such as mascara, strip lashes, or curlers, is that they don't require constant re-applying.
After paying a visit to your lash artist, they should last for a few weeks, depending on:
  • Your lash extension aftercare routine
  • How fast your lash follicles regenerate
  • The products you use every day (eye makeup, skincare products, etc.)
Naturally, you'll wake up every morning looking like you've just stepped out of a beauty magazine.
So, let's move on to the real deal: how to keep those lashes looking stunning for as long as possible.

Why Should You Care About Lash Extension Aftercare

Maintain That Gorgeous Look

Let's be honest, we all adore the way our lashes look with those extensions. They give you a glamorous and captivating appearance that's hard to beat.
However, to keep that gorgeous look going, you've got to have a lash aftercare routine. Proper maintenance ensures your extensions stay in shape for longer.

Long-Lasting vs. Short-Lasting Looks

Long lash extensions
Proper aftercare isn't just about the here and now. It's about the long run. You've invested time and money in getting those luscious lashes, and you want them to last.
Neglecting eyelash extensions aftercare can lead to premature fallout. Hence, your extensions won't stick around as long as they should. We're talking about weeks of lash extensions versus just a few days.

Avoid Unwanted Damage

Nobody wants to see their beautiful lashes damaged. Neglecting lash aftercare can lead to damage such as:

  • Clumping
  • Tangling
  • In some cases, they could potentially harm your natural lashes

9 Tips for Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

If you want to avoid unnecessary lash drama, taking proper care of your extensions is essential. So, let's delve into our best aftercare tips below.

Tip #1: Be Gentle

Handle your new lashes with care. Avoid rubbing your eyes and be mindful when cleansing your face.
The lash adhesive used to attach extensions needs time to bond properly, so any rough handling can disrupt this process, leading to a shorter lash life.

Tip #2: Keep Them Dry

Woman covering half of her face with the palm
Stay away from water, steamy showers, or excessive humidity during the first 48 hours. Getting your lashes wet in the first hours after visiting your lash artist can weaken the adhesive bond.
After this initial period, it's still important to avoid getting your eyelash extensions wet, as moisture can break down the lash glue over time.

Tip #3: Avoid Mascara

It's time to say goodbye to some of your makeup habits. In other words, when you're wearing extensions, don't wear mascara. You won't need it anyway.
Plus, it can clump and damage your extensions. Mascara is one of the primary culprits when it comes to causing clumps and residue on your lashes.
So, steer clear and enjoy your mascara-free look to keep your lashes neat.

Tip #4: Use a Lash Cleanser

Lash cleanser from Giali Lashes
Not long after your eyelash extension session, naturally occurring substances will build up around your lash line. While this process is perfectly normal, sometimes dirt can build up and potentially cause issues around the eye area.
To keep your lash hygiene top-of-the-game, invest in a lash cleanser and use it daily. Gently apply it to your lashes to remove makeup, dead skin, and debris.
Clean lashes are not only more beautiful but also healthier. A gentle, oil-free cleanser can help you maintain that flawless look.

Did you know?

The naturally occurring lash mites clean the area around the lashes daily. They're helping our body get rid of natural oils and dead skin cells. Still, it's important to aid in this process with a professional cleanser.

Tip #5: Avoid Oil-Based Products

Hand holding an essential oil bottle


Oil and lash extensions don't mix, as oily products can break down the adhesive. Hence, if you want to maximize your eyelash extension retention, opt for oil-free cosmetic products.
Make sure to always check for oil-free labels when choosing cosmetics for your eye area.

Tip #6: Brush Lashes Daily

Pink Spoolie Brushes
A clean lash wand or a spoolie brush can be your best friend. Brush your lashes regularly to keep them looking flawless and prevent tangling.
Here's how to brush your eyelash extensions:
  • Gently Brush Daily. After your morning routine, gently brush your lashes. Use a clean lash wand, and comb through from the base to the tips. This keeps them looking neat and separated.
  • Mindful Strokes. Be careful when brushing and don't be too rough. Gentle, mindful strokes are all it takes.
  • Avoid Overdoing It. You don't need to brush constantly. As a rule of thumb, once a day is perfect. Overdoing it can lead to unnecessary lash shedding.

#Tip 7: Side Sleeping

Side sleeping on a pillow
If you're a side sleeper, we've got bad news: Your eyelash extensions can get ruined by this sleeping habit.
Instead, consider sleeping on your back to prevent rubbing your lashes against the pillow. This simple adjustment can significantly prolong the life of your eyelash extensions.
If you can't let go of your favorite sleeping position, invest in a sleeping mask that protects your eyelash extensions.

Tip #8: Avoid the Sauna and Steam Rooms

woman sitting in a sauna room


Avoid frequent visits to saunas, steam rooms, and hot showers. Extreme heat and steamy environments can weaken the adhesive and lead to poor retention.
If you can't resist, consider wearing protective eye coverings to shield your lashes.

Tip #9: Always Follow the Filling Schedule

Lash appointment with technician


Part of your lash aftercare routine should include sticking to your technician's recommended fill schedule, typically every 2 to 4 weeks.
Filling your lashes regularly is essential to replace any extensions that have naturally shed. This way, you can maintain the full, luscious look you desire.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you've discovered all the aftercare instructions you need to make the most of your lash extensions, it's time to move on to the most important part.
Let's highlight some common mistakes to steer clear of:

Avoid Pulling Extensions

Lash utensils and tweezers
All technicians complain about one common struggle: lash clients pluck their eyelash extensions when they tangle, clump, or look off.
But did you know that plucking your eyelashes will slow down their growth? Studies show that a plucked eyelash will take longer than 6 weeks to grow back!
We're here to tell you to avoid the temptation to pick or pull at your extensions at all costs. It can damage your natural lash and visually alter your eye shape. Instead, try cleaning and brushing your lash extensions.

Don't Attempt DIY Removal

Never attempt to remove extensions yourself. This should always be done by a professional. Removing extensions incorrectly can damage your natural lashes and leave you with uneven, unattractive lashes.

Address the Allergies and Irritation 

Be aware of potential allergic reactions or irritation.
If you notice any unusual redness or swelling, consult your lash technician. Allergic reactions are rare, but if they occur, it's crucial to address them promptly.
Don't try home remedies found online, such as applying coconut oil or eye creams to the area. These are a no-go, as they can also ruin the adhesive bond or aggravate the situation.
Instead, you could try applying a cold compress or using allergy eye drops if your doctor prescribed them for you.

Wrap Up

Lash technician filling in extensions for appointment


Congratulations, gorgeous! You've made it through our ultimate guide to eyelash extension aftercare. We've spilled all the secrets on how to make lash extensions last longer and maintain their stunning appearance.
Now, you're armed with the knowledge and simple steps to ensure your extensions remain fabulous.
Remember, eyelash extensions are not just a one-time deal. They're a commitment to looking and feeling your best.
With proper extensions aftercare, you can enjoy weeks of lash extensions. So, don't forget to:
  • Handle them with care
  • Clean them regularly
  • Steer clear of mascara
  • Keep lashes dry
Our aftercare instructions are not a luxury, but a necessity. Regular cleaning, brushing, and following a fill schedule will ensure your extensions always look their best.
If you're looking for an all-in-one resource for the best eyelash extensions and care, check out Giali Lashes. We offer a wide range of services, products, and expert advice to make sure your lashes are always on point.
Don't miss out on this month's clearance deals. Elevate your lash game today.

FAQs: Your Eyelash Extension Aftercare Questions Answered

Q1: How do you take care of lash extensions after getting them done?

Taking care of lash extensions is easy. After your appointment, follow our aftercare guide. Be gentle, keep them dry, and avoid mascara. Sleep smart and avoid steamy showers or sauna sessions. Your lashes will thank you with weeks of flawless beauty.

Q2: How long after eyelash extensions can I shower?

It's crucial to be cautious with water and steam immediately after getting your lash extensions. We recommend waiting at least 48 hours before exposing your lashes to water to ensure the adhesive fully bonds.

Q3: Is it normal for eyelash extensions to fall out after 2 days?

Don't be alarmed if you notice a few extensions falling out shortly after getting them. It's normal for some shedding to occur during the first few days. However, if excessive shedding continues, it's essential to consult your lash technician or seek other lash artists for future appointments.

Q4: Can I sleep on my face after lash extensions?

Sleeping on your face can put pressure on your lashes, potentially causing them to get misshapen or damaged. To maintain your lash extensions, it's best to avoid sleeping directly on your face or wear a sleep protective mask.
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