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How To Make Eyelash Extensions Look More Natural: 5 Tips for Lash Artists

News flash: Not all clients dream of dramatically full, thick lash extensions! The truth is lots of clients want their lash extensions to look as natural as possible. And as lash artists, it's your job to create the lash look your clients want. But if you're used to dramatic looks, creating a more natural lash extension look can be tricky. 

So, if you want to know how to make eyelash extensions look more natural, you're in the right place. Read on to learn the five tips to create eyelash extensions that look as natural as possible. 


Tip #1: It starts with the eye shape 

The shape of your client's eye will impact the type of lash extensions you choose. For example, if the eye is round, then a more classic eyelash extension look would be best. A more almond-shaped eye can carry longer, thicker lashes with no problem. 


Tip #2: Choose the Right Materials

choose the right materials


There are various materials you can choose from when it comes to lash extensions. Faux mink lashes are an excellent choice for a natural look because they are soft, lightweight, and have a natural sheen that can blend seamlessly with your client's real lashes. 

Consider as well the quality of the materials you're using. Poor-quality eyelash extensions can easily look fake, so choose high-quality and well-crafted ones for the most natural effect. 


Tip #3: Mind the Length, Thickness, and Color

When going for a natural lash extension look, picking the right length and thickness is essential. A rule of thumb? Always match the extensions to the client's natural lash length, or opt for just a tad longer. For a more understated look, go for lashes with a diameter between 0.10mm to 0.15mm. 

As for the colour, choose the one that matches the client's natural lashes.

Remember, it's all about enhancing the natural beauty rather than overshadowing it.


Tip #4: Perfect Your Application Technique

Precision is the key to achieving a flawless, natural lash extension look. Your application technique can make or break the final result. Here are some pointers:

  • Isolation is Key: Always isolate each natural lash before attaching the extension. This not only ensures that the extension sits neatly, but it also helps avoid any damage to the natural lashes.

  • Direction Matters: Ensure the extensions are applied straight onto the natural lashes, avoiding tilt or twists. This gives a more consistent and natural appearance.

  • Bonding Point: Use the right amount of adhesive. Too much can create clumps, and too little may not hold the lash securely. Find a balance so that the bond is strong but invisible.

  • Spacing: Avoid placing extensions too close to the eyelid. A tiny gap ensures that the lashes can grow naturally and that the eyelid has no irritation.


Tip #5: Choose the Right Curl

choose the right curl


There are multiple curls to choose from, but the most popular are B, C, CC, and D curls. The key is to know your client's eye shape, the direction of their natural lash, and the desired look. All of these will help you determine what is the best curl to use for your client.


Bonus: Classic or Volume for Natural-Looking Lashes?

Classic eyelash extensions are often the top choice for a more natural look, creating a subtle but noticeable lift and length. However, did you know that volume lashes can also create a natural look? 

The key is using finer lashes with shorter lengths of volume fans for a softer and more natural effect. The lightweight designs ensure the extensions move naturally with your client's natural lashes. 



There you have it! Our top five tips on how to make eyelash extensions look more natural. As a lash artist, it's your job to know what materials and techniques will best suit each client to create the most beautiful and natural set of lashes for them. 

If you want to offer clients a truly natural lash extension look, take these tips to heart, and you'll be sure to wow your clients with your work! 

Happy lashing! 

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