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Lash Extensions for Sensitive Eyes: Facts and Myths

"Can I get lash extensions even if I have sensitive eyes?" 

If you have sensitive eyes, you're probably holding back on getting those long, fluttery lashes for fear of irritation or allergic reactions. 

Thankfully, you can now enjoy those long, luscious lashes in the hands of the right lash artists and products.

In this blog, we'll dive into the common myths surrounding lash extensions for sensitive eyes and separate them from facts.

Do You Have Sensitive Eyes? 

Before debunking the myths and unveiling the truths, we must understand what having sensitive eyes means. Sensitive eyes can be more prone to irritation from products, environmental factors, or even certain materials. Symptoms can range from itching and redness to swelling. 

Myth #1: All lash extension glues contain harmful chemicals that irritate sensitive eyes.

lash myths


Not all lash extension glues are created equal. While some may contain chemicals that can be more irritating, there are many lash extension glues formulated specifically for sensitive eyes. 

One ingredient that commonly causes eye irritation is latex. So, if you have sensitive eyes, always inform your lash technician beforehand. This way, she can prepare lash adhesives that are safer for those sensitive eyes. 

Some good examples of latex-free eyelash glue are Giali Lashes 3 Pack Pure Bond Tropical Scented, Speedy Bond & Ultra Bond Glue Lash Adhesive. These lash adhesives are not only latex-free but are also hydroquinone-free.

Myth #2: Lash extensions will always cause discomfort if you have sensitive eyes.


With the right application technique, product choice, and aftercare, lash extensions can be comfortable even for those with the most sensitive eyes. It's all about finding a lash artist who understands your concerns and is skilled in catering to clients with sensitivity.

One factor contributing to discomfort during lash application is the adhesive fume. Thankfully, we now have products that draw in the excess fumes from the glue, minimising eye discomfort. 

Myth #3: If you experience an allergic reaction, it's likely to recur.

allergic reaction


This is a common misconception. Just because you were allergic to one type of lash extension glue doesn't mean you'll react to all of them. 

Different glues have different formulations. If you've had a reaction in the past, it's crucial to pinpoint the specific ingredient causing the issue and then find a glue that doesn't contain it.

Otherwise, opt for lash extension glue for sensitive eyes.
Experienced and properly trained lash artists will know precisely what adhesives to use for these cases. 

Myth #4:Lash extensions for sensitive eyes don't last long.

sensitive eyes myth


Several factors play a role in how long your extensions last, including the skill of the lash artist, the quality of the lashes, your natural lash cycle, and your aftercare routine. With proper care and maintenance, lash extensions for sensitive eyes can last just as long as for others.

Tips for Lash Clients with Sensitive Eyes:

  1. Do your research: Ensure your lash artist is certified and experienced in working with clients with sensitive eyes. Their knowledge and expertise can make a significant difference in your lash extension experience.

  2. Consultation is a must: Before getting your lashes done, have a thorough consultation with your lash artist. Discuss any previous allergic reactions, sensitivities, and expectations.

  3. Maintain proper hygiene: Make sure to observe a proper lash aftercare routine. Keeping your lashes clean can prevent potential irritations. 

  4. Listen to your body: Always be aware of the products being used on your eyes. If you ever feel discomfort during or after the lash application, inform your lash artist immediately.

To sum it up…

Having sensitive eyes doesn't have to be a limitation on getting lash extensions. With the right lash artist, products, technique, and aftercare, you can enjoy luscious lashes with minimal discomfort or irritation. 
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