Choosing the Right Eyelash Extensions Styles: Ultimate Guide

Ever noticed how some women have those perfect, voluminous lashes all the time? There's no secret—it's all about eyelash extensions. But, and there's always a but, not all eyelash extension styles are created equal.
While high-volume lashes look amazing on others, they may not look right on you or your client.
Finding the best eyelash extension style for each eye shape can be a struggle. However, with the right guidance, figuring out the ins and outs of the lash game is pretty easy.
So, if you're wondering what eyelash extension styles are out there and how to choose the best type for you, you're in the right place.
We'll delve deep into the art of selecting the perfect lashes based on your eye shape, desired look, and natural lashes.

Lash Extensions: The BasicsLash eye extensions

Before we delve into the nitty gritty of lash extensions, let's uncover what these beauty items are and how they work.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are individual strands of synthetic or natural hair that are attached to your natural eyelashes. They give you that fuller, longer, and curvier look without the hassle of mascara.

The Magic of Lash Extensions

The beauty of lash extensions lies in their convenience. You can look stunning, day and night, without the fuss of mascara, curlers, or false lashes. Whether it's for a special occasion or everyday wear, lash extensions are your best friend.

Are Lash Extensions Safe?

Absolutely! Still, just like with any cosmetic procedure, safety depends on your lash technician and the materials used. Always make sure you're in the capable hands of a trained professional.
If you want to become a trusted lash artist in your area, try the ultimate training courses from Giali Lashes.

Your Eye Shape Influences the Eyelash Extensions Style

Eye shape
When it comes to selecting the perfect eyelash extension style, your eye shape takes center stage. Think of it as choosing the right shoes to complete your outfit – it can make or break your overall look.
As a lash artist, understanding how eye shape follows the eyelash extension style is key. Your clients rely on your expertise to achieve their desired look.

Does Eye Shape Really Matter?

Your eye shape is like a unique signature accessory. Apart from an aesthetic perspective, eye shape influences your vision, and even your personality!
Nevertheless, it adds character and individuality to your appearance. But how do you go about choosing the eyelash extension style that suits you best? Let's demystify the process:

Eye Shape Types

To keep things simple, there are seven primary eye shapes. Each of these eye shapes is different, and they all deserve a lash style that accentuates their beauty.

1. Almond Eyes

Almond eye shape
How to Spot: Do your eyes have a distinct crease (the fold in the eyelid) that looks like an almond shape? Are they elongated, with the outer corner lifted upward? If so, you likely have almond eyes.
Almond-shaped eyes are incredibly versatile and great for artistic expression. If you have the almond shape, you can try any of the lash extension styles.
So, whether you want the doll eyelashes or the captivating cat-eye style, they will complement your natural lashes.

2. Round Eyes

How to Spot: When you look straight ahead in the mirror, notice the shape of your eye. If they're spherical, similar in width and length, and maintain a prominent crease, they're likely round eyes.
Round eyes have a natural charm that is easy to enhance with the right extensions applied to the lash line.
To make the most of this charm, go for eyelash extension styles that elongate your lashes in the outer corner. The result? A wide-eyed, doll-like look that's hard to resist.

3. Hooded Eyes

Hooded eye shape
How to Spot: Look in the mirror and see if your upper eyelid is mostly hidden when your eyes are open. Hooded eyes usually have an elongated natural shape too.
For a lash artist, hooded eyes may appear challenging to style at first glance, but they're not.
The best eyelash extension styles can create the illusion of open, lifted eyes. You can always go with the cat eye style in the outer corner of the eye to enhance the natural eye shape.

4. Monolid Eyes

How to Spot: If you don't have a distinct crease when you look straight ahead in the mirror, you likely have monolid eyes.
This eye shape is mostly present in Asian people. With monolid eyes, the skin on your upper eyelids conceals the inner corner of the eye.
Enhance their beauty with lash styles that add volume and a hint of curl. This opens up your gaze, as it adds lash length.

5. Deep-Set Eyes

How to Spot: Deep-set eyes are usually set deeper into the skull, which may create a shadow over your eyelids.
Deep-set eyes possess a natural sense of allure and mystery. With the right eyelash extension styles, they become even more captivating.
These lash styles emphasize your lash line, making your eyes appear more awake.

6. Upturned Eyes

How to Spot: The upturned eye shape is characterized by the outer corners gently going upwards. This unique eye shape is often considered a delightful trait, reminiscent of "happy eyes."
To accentuate the natural lift of upturned eyes, consider lash styles that amplify this charming feature.
Longer lash extensions can further elongate the outer corners, while a subtle curl can add a touch of elegance.

7. Downturned Eyes

How to Spot: Downturned eyes have outer corners that slope slightly downward, creating an elegant appearance.
The downturned eye shape can be accentuated with eyelash extension styles that offer a subtle lift, drawing attention to your captivating gaze.
They also go well with wispy eyelash extensions and other different eyelash extensions styles that accentuate lash length dramatically.

Exploring Eyelash Extension Styles

Eyelash extension styles
The ideal lash style depends on many factors. To master the art of lash extensions, you need to consider lash density, the natural eye shape, the best eyelash extension style for each eye, and customer preferences.
So, let's go through each lash extension style in detail:

1. Classic Lashes: Timeless Elegance

Classic lashes are like that perfect little black dress - always in style. These lashes provide a natural, subtle look by attaching one extension to one natural lash. Great for everyday wear and suitable for various eye shapes.

2. Volume Lashes: For Drama Queens

Volume lashes are for those who want to make a statement. They involve attaching multiple extensions to a single natural lash on the entire eye, middle and inner corners included. Thus, they create a voluminous effect, perfect for those who love to stand out!

3. Hybrid Lashes: The Perfect Blend

Hybrid lashes are the best of both worlds, blending classic and volume lashes. They offer a balanced, semi-dramatic look and are incredibly versatile. You can customize them according to your preferences and eye shape.

4. Mega Volume Lashes: Go Bold or Go Home

Mega-volume lashes are for the daring souls who crave intense drama. They involve attaching multiple ultra-fine extensions to a single natural lash, creating a bold and captivating look.
They're perfect for special occasions and those who want to make heads turn.

5. Wispy lashes

Wispy lashes feature lash extensions with varying lengths and levels of curl. They create a soft, feathery look that resembles butterfly wings.
Wispy lashes are the perfect complement for almond-shaped or round eyes. The varied lengths and feathered texture add an enchanting touch to these eye shapes, enhancing their natural charm.

6. The Cat Eye Style

This eyelash extension style is all about achieving a captivating, feline-inspired look. This effect is created by using lash extensions with a pronounced curl to mimic the lifted outer corners of a cat's eye.
The extensions are placed on the outer corners to emphasize the upward tilt, while the inner corners remain almost untouched.
Once again, the cat eye eyelash extensions are perfect for the almond eye shape, but works wonders with other eye shapes too.

7. The Doll Eye Style

Doll eye lashes aim to create an innocent and wide-eyed appearance. This eyelash extension style maintains a consistent length across the lash line, resulting in a sweet and charming look.
It's an ideal choice for those with round eyes as it accentuates their inherent charm, giving the appearance of a living doll.
When creating this open eye lash style, the technician places extensions on both the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

Be The Best Lash Technician

Research and Recommendations

If you want your clientele to entrust you with their precious lashes, it's essential to create a long-lasting brand.
Treat all your customers with great care and ask for their public reviews. Build a reputation that's associated with professionalism and trustworthiness.

Material Matters

Quality matters, especially when it comes to the materials used. Be sure you use high-quality lash materials to avoid adverse reactions and ensure that extensions last longer.

Gentle Care for Lashes

To keep lash extensions in peak condition, always encourage your clientele to handle them with care.
Here are three key elements of long-lasting lashes:
  • Avoiding excessive moisture
  • No oil-based products
  • Never rubbing their eyes
  • A good cleanser will keep each lash extension clean and beautiful.

Regular Touch-Ups

Woman wearing eyelash extensions
Lash extensions have a natural shedding cycle, so regular touch-up appointments are necessary to maintain a full look. Typically, try to book a touch-up every 2-4 weeks.

Removing Extensions

When it's time to say goodbye to lash extensions, always offer a helping hand and offer professional removal services.
Help clients avoid any damage to their natural lashes and offer stellar customer service.
Be a source of education, so don't encourage them to remove extensions at home, as it can damage natural lashes and create potential eye issues.

Put Your Trust in Giali Lashes

Giali Lashes products
Choosing the right eyelash extensions is a unique journey. As a lash artist, it's our mission to ensure that we find the style that suits our clients best and enhances each eye shape.
We trust that with the right care and expertise, each eye shape and style preference will guide you to style the perfect set of lashes.
Ready to redefine your beauty, elevate your artistry, and source top-notch lash products? Take the first step and visit Giali Lashes today.

FAQs from the Lash Expert

1. What style of eyelash extension should I choose?

The choice of eyelash extension style depends on your personal preferences and eye shape.
There are various styles to choose from, including classic, volume, hybrid, mega volume, wispy, cat eye, and doll eye lashes. Consider your desired look, eye shape, and the advice of a professional lash artist when making your decision.

2. What is the most popular eyelash extension style?

Classic lashes are often a timeless and popular choice for their natural and subtle look. However, the most popular style can change over time, so it's essential to choose a style that suits your unique features and fashion preferences.

3. What are the best types of eyelash extensions for me?

The best type of eyelash extensions for you will depend on your specific eye shape and the look you want to achieve. Consult with a lash artist who can assess your eye shape and provide personalized recommendations.

4. What lash style suits my eyes?

The lash style that suits your eyes best will depend on your eye shape. Different eye shapes have styles that accentuate their unique features. For example, almond-shaped eyes can often pull off various styles, while deep-set eyes require special care.
Consult with a lash artist to determine the most flattering style for your eyes.
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